Sophie – Red Lored Amazon – 061219 & Rocky – Blue & Gold Macaw – 520417 – Under assessment!!

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Must apply for both birds.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Red Lored, Macaw - Blue & Gold
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Worcestershire
Gender Preference: Either


Sophie – Red Lored Amazon – 061219 & Rocky – Blue & Gold Macaw – 520417

I am a very tame, and sweet gentle soul that needs lots of love and attention. I am 16 years old and I came into Birdline because my elderly owners died and the remaining family didn’t have time for me. I spent a long time stuck in a cage without coming out and consequently I have some problems with my feet. My safehouse parents wrap my perches with vet wrap to cushion them and help me grip more easily. I am quite timid and don’t like change. It takes me a long time to not be afraid of new toys or changes to my cage.

Despite being stuck in a cage for a long time, I can fly, which is great because I can get away from situations which make me nervous. I can be timid to start with, but it doesn’t take me long to become confident with new people. When I am confident, I will step up on command, sit on your shoulder or arm and let you scratch my head for hours. But if I’m unsure of you I operate a bite now, think later policy.

I love to be with my humans and don’t tend to wander far from them. But this may change as I grow in confidence. I can say hello and whistle lovely tunes. I love to interact with my human family and don’t have a preference for men or women. I am also fine with older children. For this reason a busy social house would suit me nicely, as long as you aren’t too loud and can be patient with me whilst I acclimatise.

I enjoy being with other birds, particularly my bestie Rocky. When Rocky sits on my cage, I blow him kisses and whistle lovely tunes to him. We also enjoy playing with toys together. We must find a new home together, because we would both be very sad if we had to be separated.

Rocky is a sixteen year old very timid macaw. He ideally needs a home where someone is around the majority of the time as he doesn’t want to be alone. Being the centre of attention is really important for his confidence and our cages must be in the family room for this reason. Because Rocky was previously ignored a lot he started to pluck, and he needs a lot of interaction to distract him from this habit.

It will take some time for Rocky to trust you, but once he does, he will step onto your arm and climb up to your shoulder. He may try to bite if he doesn’t know you, but he always gives warning signals. He loves to listen to music and will bob his head and shout “Reaaaaady” when he is excited. He also says “love you” and blows kisses.

Because Rocky doesn’t fly and will crash if he attempts to, he doesn’t venture far from his cage on his own. Previously, he had a cage which was far too small and he basically lived on top of the cage. His current safehouse therefore leaves his cage door open all day. Sometimes he needs a stern voice to tell him to go to bed, but generally he’s a really good boy and can be trusted. Both Sophie and Rocky get 12 hours sleep a night.

We would love a family, where we can be centre of attention and have plenty of opportunities to interact and join in with family life. Do you think you could be our new parronts? If so please apply for us. We promise we are very loving when we get to know you,

Love Sophie and Rocky.

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Amazon – Red Lored, Macaw – Blue & Gold

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